How does wearing a mask over our face relate to yoga? The deepest part of ourselves, the seer, is enmeshed within the world of phenomenon.  The false self, what we tend to mistakenly identify as our real self is composed of material and perishable ingredients. We think we are what our senses tell us. Our unreal self obscures the true self. We practice yoga to recognize the mask of our own spiritual ignorance. This covering causes us to think we are our bodies, minds, possessions, memories, thought patterns, pasts, and futures.  Practicing yoga is a way to overcome this affliction known in sanskrit as avidya translated into lack of spiritual knowledge in english. How do we become closer to the spirit and less identified with the transient and fleeting? Yoga has the keys. Have you ever asked yourself if there was more than sensory experiences or even the mind? Yoga helps us to penetrate our embodiment so we can reach a deeper place. This is done through physical practice of yoga postures and following the 8 limbs of yoga.


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