About Taking A Reveal Yoga Class Have Clearance from Health Care Provider Before Starting Yoga

monica plante yoga instructor

  • Wear comfortably fitting clothing that allows freedom in movement
  • Have Props available : 2-3 Blankets, strap, 2 blocks, bolster, sticky mat
  • At Home Substitute Props: Thick Books for blocks, clothing belt for strap, home blankets and cushions
  • No Refunds for missed classes

Class Experience

  • Begin with quiet seated practice and optional chanting of AUM
  • Work with physical poses
  • Follow instructions closely and ask questions for clarification
  • End with reclined relaxation poses

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“I have loved these classes! Not being seasoned in yoga practice, I find them easy to participate in. They have been a wonderful combination of stretch, relaxation, and strength training. Monica is a caring, calming, and attentive instructor. I have really loved her classes!”

-Susan Stern

“Having just finished a year’s course of chemotherapy, I participated in Monica’s yoga classes twice per week this past summer. The stretching and holding of poses strengthened my weak back and toned up muscles. I feel so much stronger as a result of Monica’s guiding exercises. I had always wanted to experience yoga, but didn’t feel really motivated until this summer. Monica has convinced me of the wholesome benefits to mind and body of yoga.”

-Karen F.

“Monica’s sessions are comprehensive which enhance body strength and mindful awareness. I find my body much more flexible at the end of class as her session builds up gently. ”

-Dorothy Quinn

“Participating helps my flexibility, but more importantly, it supports my spiritual well-being.”

-Alan Pilgrim

I very much enjoyed the classes.

Monica has a very calming voice which is easy to listen to.

Classes are always challenging but not over the top.

I appreciate the work on cognitive skills as well (following directions).

-Tammy McKenzie, Landaff, NH

“I decided to try yoga for help with balance, range of motion, and pain following a motorcycle accident. I’m so glad I did! I could tell after the first class that it was going to be beneficial!

Monica is pleasant, patient, and very knowledgeable. Class is fun and I look forward to it each week.”

-Crystal B