Yoga Path

When does yoga practice begin and when does it end? Some speculate that one’s yogic journey begins when yoga is known about, irregardless of whether one pursues a yogic path or not. So, let’s assume you heard about yoga and you want to learn more. What do you do? Do you look at a website or book? Do you start practicing on your own? Do you attend classes with a teacher? Then there are other questions. What kind of yoga do you practice?  Do you have any previous injuries or physical challenges that need attention to practice safely? All these questions are good to ask. However, yoga is about going beyond the mind, letting go of the analytical thinking mind and moving into a meditative state. If you are interested in yoga,  let go of over analyzing and just do it.

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So,  where does yoga practice “end”? Some believe that those who are yogis and yogins in this life were likely to have practiced in previous lives. There are those out there who believe we may practice after this life and into future lifetimes, if we are fortunate enough to receive such a blessing.  There’s a good chance we may be yoga practitioners for eternity and therefore yoga practice is eternal.