Ever notice how events occur at different windows in time? A train pulls into the station at a particular time and leaves as scheduled. The train does not necessary wait until it is convenient for someone else to take it and ride. One must organize and arrange one’s affairs in order to catch the train. Developing a yoga practice  is similar to making the train on time.  Observe the possible intervals in your life where practicing yoga could happen. When is the house empty or quiet?  Even when you are waiting around for the laundry cycle to end or a meal to cook. Those in-between times are optimal for cultivating a yoga practice. In theory we can practice all the time anywhere, but then the question becomes what are the obstacles?  Find a window of opportunity to remove these barriers practice. Can you make physical space for yoga practice?  Would it be possible to take time out of your schedule each day for some yoga poses? Investigate and see what is possible.