Why do I teach yoga? I simply cannot keep this yogic knowledge to myself.  Yoga practice demands to be shared with others.

a) Yoga has the power to transform. By practicing yoga aspects of ourselves we didn’t know exist are brought to light.  Next time you are in class observe how you feel at the beginning and then check in with yourself at the end.  You might notice a positive change in your mood and attitude.

b) Change becomes easier to handle. In order to transform we have to learn to accept change within ourselves. Once we realize the need to change and we can develop the coping mechanisms to handle and adjust to change. Yoga teaches us that change is the constant. What we think of as  the permanent isn’t so reliable.

c) You can take your yoga practice anywhere. While it is important to attend class to learn yoga. It’s just as important to develop a personal practice you can take with you after you exit the class. Things come and go including yoga teachers, yoga studios, and fashionable yoga clothing. Having time where you can practice yoga outside of class will help you deal with life’s inevitable  stresses and strains.

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