The second limb of yoga is known as the niyamas , internal observances necessary for success in yoga. They include:

  1. sauca-cleanliness
  2. santosha-contentment
  3. tapas-discipline, burning desire, austerity
  4. svadyaya-study of the Self
  5. Isvara Pranidhana-Surrender

When we practice yoga asana all niyamas come into play. Just as bathing is needed everyday so is the practice of asana to soothe our bodies and clear our minds. If at any point one feels unhappy during practice it is important to examine that situation and figure out a way to cultivate contentment and feel joyful in yoga practices. Having tapas means we tenaciously go after our practices. We make several attempts at our poses and we work to stay regular with our efforts. The study of the Self means working to pierce through our outer sheaths and move inward. Once we have finally made this connection we surrender like is savasana.